Divine Music Healing
By Rodrigo Maia de Loureiro
  1. Free the Being
    We all have a purpose...this is how I found mine... Under my statement “Divine Music Healing” you will find everything. Beyond words is meaning and beyond meaning is intention and energy.... The statement divine music healing came to me as a very natural idea for a name, for a content. Every single word has its special place in my life. By “Divine” I worship everyday the subtle energies that empower me to do the beautiful work that I was teached to. In Music lies my soul, my connection, my
  2. Sound Healing Practicioner Training  (Level I) October 2015
    This program is a way of learning the mechanisms of music and sound. Designed to teach you how Sound can be an excellent tool for healing and self growing. ​​ For the first time in Portugal, we have the opportunity to learn local. Places are limited concerning the close and intimate space that needs to be created for deeper sharing. Bellow you can find the detailed topics that are going to be covered in this course. Please feel free to get in contact and ask any further questions. For me it is