I am very happy to help on your journey.

Sessions are designed to take you to the path of Life, Love, Joy and Happiness!

Sessions will start with a conversation,

where I will guide you, bringing the awareness of the issues to heal.

Music will be played accordingly afterwards.

Sound Healing Techniques will be provided to assist you during the process of replacing old patterns and consciously choosing new directions and possibilities.  

Each session will be customised to your needs,

using time honoured skills based in Sound Healing and powerful energetic techniques inherited from the Great Masters in the world. This will help you raise your vibration and clean your Luminous and physical body. 


Therapy List

Chakra Alignment

This treatment uses a combination of several technics with sacred instruments, Voice and Guided Meditation to balance all the energy of your body mind and chakras.

Release Stuck Emotions

By using several specific simple techniques with your voice, we are going to help you to release efficiently your stuck emotions.

Didgeridoo Massage

With Didgeridoo low frequencies, harmonic sounds and vibration we can heal very effectively on the body moving the energy and creating a great relaxed body & mind sound massage.

Voice Healing

With the power of the voice, scanning all the body, we get the information, to start transforming your issues into healing sounds came from the spirit source. 

Soul Note

Music gets us into our Soul. In this session we are going to find your Soul Note and create powerful tools for healing Physical, emotional, psychological, chronicle and Spiritual Issues.

Sound Table

A treatment methods that are based in a combined effects of music and sound low vibration and low frequency  on the body and brain, healing through every muscle and cell.

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Homaya Amar

Spiritual guide,

international seminar leader.

In a very unexpected way,

And within a very short moment I found myself in an undefined luminous space, 

A place where all my senses have received the exact, gentle amount of stimulation, while I am simply laying on a massage table, appear normal.

My senses were kept awake, even stretch to the new sensation, alert, curious i felt as a cat is Puring at my back, the ocean, washing my feet, winds refreshing my skin, angelic sounds traveling within my spine, even opened up to the new sensation of smells.

Together with that harmonic orchestra, me, my entire being, felt peaceful and relaxed.

I stood up refreshed, clear, and happy.


Michelle Fannon

Terapeuta Corporal e Astróloga 

Querido Rodrigo,

Obrigada pela consulta de Sound Healing , adorei a experiencia, senti o corpo como se tivesse a abrir de dentro para fora, como que a ser massajado por dentro e as diferentes partes mais tensas a desfazerem-se, criando uma sensação enorme de relaxamento e alivio. O som das ondas do mar fortes criavam uma sensação de limpeza mental e fisica, não deixando entrar nos pensamentos, o som da tua voz no inicio fez me sentir ir ao fundo, um desconforto confortável, que ao longo da terapia ia-me levando para o coração, gerando uma sensação de alinhamento e de abertura, um boost de energia enorme.

Quando terminou senti-me como se tivesse tido uma noite muito bem dormida, meu corpo revitalizado e os meus sentidos muito apurados.

Obrigada pela tua dedicação, criatividade, por mostrares como o som é realmente uma ferramenta incrivel de Cura e Bem Estar


Lara Kloosterboer 

Marketing Manager

When I first met Rodrigo, I had been living in a state of depression, sadness and negative energy for years.With sound healing he filled my heart and soul with grace, peace and patience.His voice and overtoning took me into a state of pure happiness - a state of bliss. A state only possible to reach after the path of establishing a full sense of trust which allowed me to open and start the healing process.These were some of the most rewarding and deep moments in my life.I experienced unconditional Love, bringing me closer to the Truth and Love the Universe has within.Rodrigo is a magical healer and I will always be thankful for his beautiful role in my healing journey.